Malaysia To Host World Shippers' Conference

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 (Bernama) - Rising costs as a result of inefficiencies and regulations in the logistics sector will have a significant impact on the shippers' bottom line.

"The logistics industry also plays an important supporting role to producers, manufacturers, cargo owners, importers and exporters.

"For an importer or exporter, transportation cost has an impact on the price competitiveness of their products," Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Ng Lip Yong told Bernama after chairing the 34th annual general meeting (AGM) of Malaysian National Shippers' Council (MNSC).

He said towards this end, Malaysia would host the first World Shippers' Conference on Sept 18 to discuss issues and challenges facing global logistics and transportation of goods.

Ng said the conference would also provide an avenue for delegates to network.

The conference, themed "Maritime Competition, Exporters/Importers Challenges", will be held at Hotel Nikko.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is expected to officate at the conference.

The speakers from the European Union, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore are expected to discuss issues on collective rate setting, terminal handling charges and the way forward for Asian shippers, he said.

He said Malaysia, as the current chairman of the Federation of Asian Shippers' Council (FASC), would also host the federation's 30th AGM on Sept 19.

"The meeting will consider reports from the regional members including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka and Pakistan," he said.

Meanwhile, Ng said, the MNSC AGM today discussed the one-box-rate; heavyweight container surcharge; rationalisation of Johor ports; container packing certificate; east-west Malaysia shipping costs; increase in forwarding charges; and, equity and licensing issues relating to the logistics sector.

Ng said MNSC members were actively working with various ministries and other associations to resolve some of the issues.

"Many of the issues revolve mainly around the rising transportation costs and the need to improve the environment for the promotion of integrated logistics," he said.

He said as a result of MNSC's work on the one-box-rate issue, container hauliers had responded that the rate "is not mandatory charge but a guideline for negotiating purposes."

Similarly, he said, the issue on the increase in forwarding charges has been resolved with the cooperation of the Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association.

He said issues on the east-west Malaysia shipping costs and equity and licensing relating to the logistics sector were not resolved.

The MNSC, which has 28 organisation-members, is an association for ship users set up to promote the interests of exporters, importers, producers and manufacturers.

Date of publication: Aug 15, 2007
Source: Bernama

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